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Our ultrasound techs are both RDMS and NT certified along with having Maternal-Fetal Medicine experience including doppler studies and proficiency in gyn/pelvic ultrasounds.

Gyn ultrasound

We perform the majority of ultrasounds for our Gyn patients, including procedures such as SIS (Saline Infusion Sonography) and follicle scans.

First trimester screening

We offer all of our maternity patients First Trimester Screening at 12 weeks gestation. This is a screening test for Down Syndrome, Trisomy 18 and Trisomy 13. It is an ultrasound done at 12 weeks gestation where the skin fold at the neck of your baby is measured and a fingerstick is done on the patient. The lab work and ultrasound results are sent to NTD Labs who will calculate a result. The test usually takes 2-4 days to receive results.

Take a glimpse at your unborn baby using 3D/4D ultrasound technology

*Ask our staff today how you can book your very own session

3D package - $125.00

20 minute session includes 6 color photos in 3D image and a CD of those 6 photos with gender confirmation upon request.

3D Ultrasounds are for entertainment only. No measurements of the baby are done at this time. Ultrasounds should be scheduled NO LATER than 28 to 32 weeks gestation. Individual results may vary, however, every attempt will be made to get the best picture. Payment is to be made at the time of services.

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