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Self Pay OB Patients Policy

Carmel OB/GYN Delivery Charges


  • All prenatal care
  • Hospital care
  • Delivery
  • Postpartum care & visits

These charges are only for your physicians at Carmel OBGYN and do not include any hospital charges, lab charges, ultrasounds or pathology charges and are not considered an all inclusive amount.

  • Option 1- If a patient is self pay, she will receive a 40% discount of $2592.00 due at their 1st OB office visit.
  • Option 2- If a patient is self pay and unable to pay or chooses to pay in installments, they will receive a 20% discount of $3456.00 broken down into 4 installments due at their 1st - 4th OB office visits
    • $864.00 1st OB office visit
    • $864.00 2nd OB office visit
    • $864.00 3rd OB office visit
    • $864.00 4th OB office visit

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Carmel OB/GYN Physicians