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In-office procedures

The doctors at Carmel OBGYN are pleased to introduce our patients to our In-Office Procedure program. Many of the procedures we have done over the years have been modified so they can be safely and easily performed on properly selected patients here in the Blakeney Office*.

Over the past year we have performed the following procedures here in the office:

  • Diagnostic Hysteroscopy
  • Femvue
  • Novasure Endometrial Ablations

Our surgical coordinator is skilled in determining the financial responsibility each patient will have both in the ambulatory surgery center, hospital setting and in the office.

Feel free to contact your physician if you are interested in any of the procedures listed above to see whether or not you would be a good candidate.*

*Not all patients are considered good candidates for in-office procedures. This is best determined by consultation with your primary physician here at Carmel.

Pre-op medications & instructions for In office surgery

  • You should present to the office some time before your procedure date to sign a consent form and pick up pre/post medications that your doctor will review with you.
  • You may eat a light breakfast that day and arrive to the office 30 minutes prior to the procedure time.
  • You should have a ride home and someone to keep an eye on you for a few hours that day.
  • Below is a typical medications schedule and may vary slightly from doctor to doctor:
    • Cytotec 200 mg in the evening prior and in the morning of
    • Motrin 800 Mg that evening and in the morning
    • Vicodin (or Percocet) in the morning
    • Xanax in the morning 1-2 hours prior to coming to the office
    • Antibiotics to follow the case for 3-5 days

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