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Typical pregnancy visit

First trimester

  • Early first trimester u/s for dating purposes
  • Prenatal labs at your first appointment
  • Sickle cell screening
  • Cystic fibrosis screening
  • Ashkenazi screening
  • Discussion about prenatal testing including:
    • 1st trimester screening for chromosome abnormalities
    • 2nd trimester screening for chromosome abnormalities
    • Chorionic villus sampling (cvs) and/or amniocentesis
  • Doptones for fetal heartbeat and urine dips
  • Visits continue monthly

Second trimester

  • Continued prenatal testing
  • 2nd trimester ultrasound for anatomy
  • Discuss classes, tours and pediatricians
  • One hour glucose screening at 28 weeks
  • Administration of rhogam if indicated
  • Fundal height measurements, urine dips, and doptones
  • Visits continue monthly

Third trimester

  • Visits begin every 2 weeks
  • Birth plans reviewed
  • Beta strep and genital cultures at 35-36 weeks
  • Labor instructions reviewed
  • Cervical exams between 38-40 weeks
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